Electricity Supply Contract Fact Sheet


  1. The Energy Market Authority requires an electricity retailer to provide you this Fact Sheet before you enter into an Electricity Supply Contract with the retailer. This Fact Sheet aims to provide you with key information about the contract.
  2. If you require any explanation on this Fact Sheet, the retailer is obliged to provide you with the explanation.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, all fees and charges stated in this Fact Sheet are exclusive of GST.
A. General Information
Name of Electricity Retailer:
Fact Sheet Version Date:
11 July 2018
B. Electricity Price Plan Information
Name of Price Plan:
Type of Price plan (See Footnote 1):
UniqueFix (24 month)
For Standard Price Plan, the electricity rate payable by you is as follows*:
Fixed Price Plan: 18.15cents per kWh
Discounts and Incentives (See footnote 2.):*
Contract Duration (See footnote 3):
12 months
To use smart meter (See footnote 4):
C. Contract Related Fees
Security Deposit (See footnote 5):
Refer to Full Terms and Conditions for Details
Any other fees and charges(See footnote 6):
Refer to Fact Sheet for Details: https://ugs.com.sg
D. Bundled product or services (see footnote 7)
There are other products or services bundled with the electricfy price plan:
If yes, the electricfy retailer should specify below what are the bundled products or services. You should discuss the details with the electricity retailer such as applicable fees and charges as well as the terms and conditions for accepting the bundled products or services:
E. Footnotes
  1. You can visit the online information platform at http://compare.openelectricitymarket.sg to easily compare the standard price plans offered by different electricity retailers.Standard price plans refer to the following:
    • Fixed price plan that charges you a single rate for electricity that you consume throughout your contract duration.
    • Discount off regulated tariff plan that charges you a rate that is based on a discount off the prevailing regulated tariff throughout your contract duration.
    • Peak/off-peak plan that charges you a single rate for electricity that you use during peak periods (e.g. day time), and another rate for off-peak periods (e.g. night time).
  2. The electricity retailer may offer you incentives in return for contracting for the electricity price plan. The incentives may include:
    • free gifts, promotions, rewards or services; and/or
    • conditional discount that reduces your electricity bill if you meet certain conditions such as making payment promptly or via certain payment modes.
  3. During the contract duration, the electricity retailer will charge you a fee for early termination of the contract or switching to buy electricity from another retailer or SP Group.
  4. A smart meter is a digital meter capable of measuring your electricity consumption every half-hour. It can also be read remotely and provide you with timely and useful information on your electricity consumption. It is optional to install a smart meter to measure your half-hourly electricity consumption, unless the price plan you sign up for requires one. Your retailer will advise you on this.
  5. Under indirect billing, you will receive a single monthly bill from SP Group covering the charges for electricity supply by the electricity retailer as well as the charges for other utilities (such as water and gas supply). With direct billing, the electricity retailer will bill you directly for electricity supply, and SP Group will issue you a separate bill for the other utilities.
  6. Electricity retailer requiring you to provide a security deposit should indicate the amount of security deposit for electricity supply. If you are a residential consumer, the maximum amount of security deposit an electricity retailer is allowed to collect is equivalent to 2 months of your average monthly electricity bill at the point of contracting, contract renewal or during the term of the contract.
  7. The electricity retailer may require you to pay one or more of the prevailing market-related charges. You may refer tohttp://www.openelectricitymarket.sg for more information on market-related charges.

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